3M Prestige Window Film


The Blue Morpho butterfly has exquisite blue wings that are not blue from pigment, but are composed of many micro-layers of scales that have the ability to reflect blue wavelengths which create the beautiful color we see. The way light reflects from Blue Morpho wings provided the inspiration for Multilayer Optical Film (MOF) technology.

3M’s revolutionary new Prestige Window Films use MOF technology. These films require advanced nanotechnology manufacturing techniques: A window film containing 240 to 300 micro-layers is about half as thick as one of 3M’s famous Post-It® notes. Best of all, clear Prestige Window Films actually reflect less visible light than the window glass they are applied to.

3995347_origThese amazing window films also provide superior energy efficiency, rejecting up to 97 percent of infrared wavelengths to keep interior areas cool and reduce electric bills.

3M Prestige Window Films also block almost all of the sun’s harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays, the single largest cause of fading. And because Prestige films contain no metals, they will not interfere with WI-FI networks or other wireless communications.

3M Prestige Window Films utilise a Multi-layered Optical Film (MOF) technology which comprises hundreds of layers of films to reject the sun’s energy and reduce glare. This innovation contains no metallic elements ensuring that there will not be any corrosion of window films.

Over periods of time exposure to sunlight, this can irreversibly fade valuable items such as upholstery on couches, wood furniture or flooring inside a home. 3M Prestige Window Films are designed to block up to 99.9% of the sun’s harmful UV rays, which are the single largest contributor to fading. The Prestige series also has less reflectivity than glass, so the appearance of the home or building is virtually unchanged.

  • Up to 99% reduction of UV Rays
  • Up to 97% Infrared Rejection
  • Up to 70% Visual Light Transmittance

3M has been a world leader in window films for over four decades, having received the first patent for window films in 1966. The Prestige Series marks 3M’s latest technological contributions to the industry.