3M Night Vision Window Film


3M developed Night Vision Window Film with a proprietary technology that maximizes sun control capabilities while toning down the interior reflectivity to allow for clear unobstructed views, an uncommon feature among many sun control window films. The same technology also makes the films color-stable, significantly reducing the fading that often happens over time with dyed films.

And, unlike most high-performance sun control films, Night Vision film has a low interior reflectivity that leaves your view clearer than ever, especially at night. That powerful combination makes Night Vision film a welcome addition to any home or business.

8042460_origNow, even the light that fills your home can be just the way you want it. The 3M™ Night Vision Window Film offers protection from the sun’s damaging UV rays and controls heat and glare, while inviting warm, natural light into the room and increasing comfort.

Our films block up to 99.9% of the ultraviolet rays that can fade drapes, furniture, artwork and even flooring. Think of our film as a sunscreen for your furnishings. Fade protection is an important reason why interior designers often recommend our window films. To protect their client’s investments and their professional reputations. Additional benefits include an elegant appearance, improved comfort, glare reduction up to 83% , solar energy reduction up to 75%, and most importantly it will help reduce your energy costs.